About Sefriya

Have you ever heard of thin spaces?
“Thin spaces” are moments & places where you and the divine effortlessly commune. These are places of peace & certainty. Spaces that inspire moments when you feel as if you are one with the Creator. This is what Sefriya aims to be. 
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Dignity. Opportunity. Love.

Our Advocacy

If you open up and observe nature close enough, you will see how nature follows a constant universal pattern. The sun shines not for itself, but for others who need it to survive. Flowers & plants do not bloom for themselves but to serve as tools of sustenance for those around it. The river does not flow for itself but for those whose thirst need to be quenched.

If nature follows a fractal of giving - then should we not do the same?

Often, the most beautiful pieces of art imitate nature. And this is why Sefriya is not only a hotel  & farm but a social enterprise that aims to provide livelihood and access to quality education for the locals of Alitagtag, Batangas. 
Hiring for attitude; training for leadership


With the onset of the pandemic, a lot of those who work in the cities had to go back home with no jobs and source of income. This has been especially difficult for manual laborers and mothers.

Sefriya is an open & equal employer. We hire not only for skill but for character & attitude. We welcome team members of all ages, sizes, educational attainment, and gender. Giving them fair pay and opportunities for leadership & growth is a core tenent of Sefriya.

Every time you stay at Sefriya, you make someone’s dreams come true. Thirty (30%) of the total profit of the hotel is channeled through various community development projects.

Among our projects is the Sefriya Scholarship Program. These scholars are chosen not by pure academic-merit but also through their potential & dedication to their community.

We have been lovingly welcomed by the community here in Alitagtag & we take it as our responsibility to help uplift the quality of lives of the locals here as well. For they have given us a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream that is Sefriya – the least we can do is share these blessings with them. 

Meet our Scholars

We believe real rest & restoration goes beyond the self. Though you can never pour from an empty cup, the state of your community affects your well-being as much as your internal mental state.

The oneness we aim for at Sefriya not only applies to the environment but also to the very people around us.

This is why Sefriya channels 30% of our total profits to making quality education accessible to dedicated & productive students in Alitagtag.

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