Curated: Our Favorite Spots Around Batangas

Enjoy your trip to Batangas and make most out of your staycation by visiting these must-see spots
Published on
17 December 2022

For the Curious & Adventurous Mind

Aside from beaches and mesmerizing geological attactions, Batangas is immensely rich in cultural heritage as well. Old towns, beautiful churches, and museums make for the perfect side trip to make your Batangas getaway more memorable & enriching. 

Below is a curation of our personal favorite spots around Batangas. We hope you can visit some of them to make your Batangas stay truly worthwhile. 

Taal Heritage Town

Dubbed as the Vigan of the South, passing through the arc of the Taal Heritage Town feels like being transported back in time.

Rows of excellently preserved heritage homes will make you feel like you’re having kapeng barako or tapang taal with one of the affluent families of Batangas or the brave Tagalog heroes who helped fight for the country’s liberty.

We have the local government to thank for the outstanding preservation of this quaint but immensely rich town. Though some of the homes have been turned into museums, gift shops, and cafes but the charm of the place remains as minute details in every establishment have been so well preserved.

Aside from the beautiful heritage homes, you can also find Balisong & Barong Tagalog Shops inside the town. Photo Courtesy of Gael Hilotin

In this day and age of goldfish memory and 10-second reels, it’s refreshing for the soul to be surrounded by relics that have remained beautiful and have stood the test of time.  

Taal Basilica

Sitting atop a hill overlooking Balayan Bay, Basilica of St. Martin de Tours or more popularly known as Taal Basillica takes pride in being called the largest church in the Philippines and in the whole of Asia.

Founded by the Augustinian missionaries in 1572, the church has been moved & repeatedly reconstructed due to several natural calamities, including the biggest Taal Volcano eruption in 1754. 

The colossal church, being made of asbestos and coral stones, has definitely stood the test of time & nature. For years, the church has been able to retain its beauty and grandiosity. The facade impresses with 24 classical columns reminiscent of baroque churches in Rome, charming arched windows, and five grand door portals that welcome church-goers from all across the globe.

Interior of the Taal Basilica. Photo courtesy of the Local Government of Taal.

Majestically sitting at 96 meters and the width of 45 meters, entering the church pleasantly overwhelms the senses with light, art, and the echo that’s produced between its gigantic pillars.

Definitely one of the best and must-see attractions in Batangas.

  • Known for: Being the Biggest Church in the whole of Asia
  • Must-see: The silver tabernacle claimed to be the only one of its kind in the country.
  • Distance from Sefriya: 24 min (13.3 km) via Palico - Balayan - Batangas Rd
  • Click for Map Link
  • Read more here: Basilica de San Martin de Tours

Matabungkay Beach

Matabungkay beach welcomes you with soft white sand and clear waters after a 1 ½ hr car ride from Sefriya.

Those who are in the mood for action & adventure will definitely enjoy the many activities available along the beach. You can rent a jetski, banana boats, and even a kayak. They also have beginner snorkeling & helmet diving lessons for those who want to see beautiful corals and mesmerizing schools of fish.

Locals park their boats at the shore of the Matabugkay beach. Photo Courtesy of The Pinay Solo Backpacker.

Local fishermen also offer short talks & demos for those who are interested to experience and learn more about fishing.

Taal Lake

Taal lake is the smallest active volcano on the planet. What makes the volcano unique is its curious shape and location.

Taal lake is an island that is within a lake within an island as well. Dubbed a “unique geologic wonder,” Taal lake attracts tourists and geologists alike from all over. At the moment, since the smaller crate of the island is now also filled with rainwater, it is now called the world’s largest “double lake”.

The Majestic Taal. Photo courtesy of Ken Jennings of the Conde Nast Traveller.

The history of Taal Lake piques the interest of many curious minds as well. Aside from the location and the shape, Taal lake was once part of the ocean – which means its transition to being a lake is a unique geological phenomenon.

Read more about the history of the lake here.

  • Distance from Sefriya: 10 mins away.

Mt. Maculot

Mt. Maculot as seen from Sefriya Farm & Orchard

For those looking for more adventure and time with nature, Mt. Maculot is a 5/10 difficulty hike and can be traversed within 5-6 hours. Reaching the peak gives you one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the world-famous Taal Lake.

If you aren’t ready for a five-hour hike, you may also opt for the Rockies, which has a 3/10 difficulty hike rating. The Mt. Maculot Rockies stand at 706 meters above sea level or 2316 feet which is why even if you won’t reach Mt. Maculot’s peak, you can already enjoy an impressive view of the Taal lake and the lush plains of Batangas.

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